Here at TouchStone Veterinary Center, human health and safety is our priority. Every person in the state of NJ is making sacrifices to protect our families, friends and neighbors, and our hospital is no exception. Our goal is to stay open through this time of crisis, so that we can continue to care for your pets when they fall ill. In order to do that, we need to take precautions to protect our clients and staff from COVID-19.

Starting today, Monday, March 23rd, we are asking you to help us protect you, our staff and our community by taking the following steps:

1) Stay in your car.

In accordance with the governor’s social distancing order, we are limiting face-to-face interaction in the exam room, and eliminating the potential for crowding in our lobby. Until further notice, our lobby is closed.

Appointments: Call our main phone number (732)970-8500 when you arrive. One of our staff members will discuss your pet’s history and concerns over the phone. We will retrieve your pet from your car, and bring them into the hospital for a physical exam. The doctor will call you to discuss a treatment plan and address any questions you may have. No treatment will be provided without your consent. After treatments are administered, your pet will be brought back out to you. Our staff will process payment for you, while you wait safely in your car.

Medications: If you need medication for your pet, please call us at (732)970-8500. When you call, please be prepared with a credit card so that we can process payment over the phone right away. When you come to the hospital to pick up your pet’s medication, please call us from the car. We will deliver your medication directly to you.

2) Prioritize sick visits.

We consider providing care to your sick pet an essential service, and we will continue to provide that service for as long as we can. To limit exposure and maintain availability for sick patients, we are asking all of our clients to postpone annual healthy adult wellness visits (see puppy and kitten vaccines below) and grooming (pedicures, anal glands) until we are once again operating at full capacity.

Boosters: We are making an exception for booster vaccines. If your pet has recently received the first of a 2-vaccine series, the second vaccine must be given within 6 weeks. We will continue to provide this service. Some examples include: Lyme, Leptospirosis, Influenza

Rabies: To continue protecting our human community as well as our pet community, we will continue to schedule appointments for pets who need rabies vaccines.

Puppy and kitten vaccines: Puppies and kittens are most vulnerable to infectious diseases. For their safety, it is essential for puppies and kittens to receive their full series of vaccines. Until your puppy or kitten is at least 16 weeks old AND has completed his or her full set of vaccines, please continue to bring them in every 3-4 weeks as directed by our doctors.

Sick visits: If your pet is ill or injured, please call our hospital to schedule an appointment. In certain circumstances, you may be asked to send photos to our email address to help us assess the situation.

Surgeries: As the situation evolves, we will make surgery decisions on a case-by-case basis. As always, we will call you prior to the day of surgery to confirm your appointment and go through pre-op instructions. When you arrive, please stay in your car and call our phone number (732)970-8500.

Euthanasia: This is obviously a very special case. In the unfortunate event that your pet needs end-of-life care during this time, we will not separate you from your pet. Within reason, we will allow family in the building with appropriate precautions.

3) Stay home if you or someone in your household is sick.

Please help us protect our staff so that we can stay open and continue to provide veterinary care for the community. If you or someone in your household is ill, please stay home. In some cases, we may be able to provide “telemedicine” through phone discussions and emailed photos. When a visit is necessary, please ask a friend or family member to bring your pet for you. We will call you at home to discuss the exam findings and treatment plan, just as we would if you were the one waiting in the parking lot.

4) Please be patient with us!

We are operating with very limited staff to answer the phone, process payments, prepare medications, and examine and treat our patients. Please call a day ahead to refill medications, and be prepared for visits to take longer than normal. Our phones are as busy as ever, so please be understanding if you reach our voicemail when you call us, and forgive us for a 1-2 day delay in response to emails.

We are temporarily restricting our business hours.

In order to continue operations with limited staff and comply with the state-mandated curfew, we are adjusting our normal business hours as follows:

Mon - 9am to 5pm

Tues - 9am to 5pm


Thurs - 9am to 5pm


Sat - 9am to 1pm


**please note, these hours are subject to change as needed**

Pets and COVID-19

Please visit this CDC page for the most up-to-date information:

At this time, our knowledge of the virus in pets is limited. The CDC’s recommendations will change as indicated as we continue to learn more about the virus.

According to the CDC, there have not been any cases of dogs or cats becoming ill from COVID-19. However, it is important to use good hygiene around all animals and household pets by washing your hands after handling pets, food bowls and pet waste. Do not allow any pets to lick your face, and limit contact with other people’s pets.

If you are sick, limit your contact with your own pets just as you would limit contact with the other people in your home.

You may have read about the two dogs in Hong Kong that have tested PCR positive for COVID-19. Both of those dogs lived in homes with owners who tested positive for the virus. Neither of those dogs showed signs of illness related to COVID-19. There is no evidence so far to suggest dogs become infectious to other people, but an abundance of caution is recommended. For more details, please visit:

Our precautions and policies will continue to change as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Stay home if you can. Practice caution. Wash your hands. Stay safe and healthy!

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